The EMERGE: an Italian Survey- Part I

Titolo: The EMERGE (emerging from Gastroesophageal Reflux): an Italian Survey-I the viewpoint of the Gastroenterologist.

Pubblicato su: Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents Volume 32, No (S2), January-February, 2018

Autori: Bianchetti M, Peralta S, Nicita R, Aragona SE, Ciprandi G and the EMERGE Study Group

Abstract: Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is defined as a “disease that develops when the reflux of stomach contents induces troublesome symptoms and/or complications”. From a therapeutic point of view, many options have been proposed, including proton pump inhibitors (PPI), antihistamines (H2- receptor antagonists), antacid chemical compounds, antireflux barrier (using alginates), prokinetics, inhibitors of gastric sphincters, protection of mucosal tissue, neuromodulators, nociceptor antagonists, lifestyle modification, and surgery. A new medical compound has been recently launched in Italy: Marial® (manufactured by Aurora, Milan, Italy) containing magnesium alginate and E-Gastryal®. The aim of this survey was to analyse the patients’ characteristics and the prescriptive approach considering both the past or current treatments and clinical features during a visit in 56 gastroenterological centers, distributed in the whole of Italy. One thousand eight hundred forty-nine patients (46.5% males, and 53.5% females, mean age 48.59 years) were visited. Patients with positive reflux symptoms index (RSI+) had higher GIS scores than RSI- subjects. PPIs (both as monotherapy or plus add-on) were the most common medication prescribed before the visit. There was a significant change of prescription to Marial® at the visit. More precisely,, Marial® was preferentially prescribed to about a quarter of the patients, particularly to those with lower GIS score, whereas PPI plus add-on option was preferred for patients with higher GIS score. In conclusion, the current experience demonstrated that GERD may be managed considering a patient-centred work-up by using the GIS questionnaire. GIS score may be able to define the medication choice that includes also the new medical compound Marial®.

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