Relieving laryngopharingeral reflux (RELIEF) survey in otolaryngology- I

Titolo:Relieving laryngopharingeral reflux (RELIEF) survey in otolaryngology - the viewpoint of the otorhinolaryngologist.

Pubblicato su: Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents Volume 32, No (S2), January-February, 2018

Autori: M. Gelardi, M. Silvestri, G. Ciprandi and The Relief Study Group*.

Abstract:Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) should be considered as part of extraesophageal reflux (EER). This reflux involves respiratory structures other than, or in addition to, the oesophagus. A new medical device for the treatment of gastric reflux, including LPR, has been launched in Italy: Marial®. Therefore, the aim of the present survey was to analyse the prescriptive behaviour both considering the past or current treatments and clinical features during a specialist routine visit. The current survey was conducted in 86 Otorhinolaryngological centers, distributed in all of Italy. Globally, 4.418 subjects [47% males and 53% females, 50.1 (14.5) years-of-age] were visited. The visits included laryngoscopy, Reflux Finding Score (RFS) and Reflux Symptom Index (RSI) questionnaires. The total RSI median score was 15 (12-19) and the total median RFS value was 10 (8-12). Interestingly, a significant change in the new drug prescription was observed (p<0.0001): over two-third of patients (67%) received Marial® as monotherapy, whereas PPI plus add-on were prescribed to almost one-third of the patients. PPI alone was prescribed in less than 1%. In conclusion, LPR is a common disorder characterized by typical signs and symptoms; LPR patients may be correctly identified and scored by evidence-based criteria. In addition, the present survey reported that LPR treatment has been considerably changed by the introduction of a new medical device.

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